About ISC's DLV Registry

Public announcement on DLV turndown

The ISC DLV Registry has been available since 2006, and ISC has been happy to provide the service. However, due to the great progress that native DNSSEC has made, we have decided that it is time to wind down the project. It has served its purpose well.

Starting in July 2016, we stopped accepting any new zones. We will be removing zones that validate to the root without DLV between July 2016 and the end of the year. We will remove all records from DLV in 2017, but leave the (empty) service running.

If you have a zone that can be properly validated to the Root, please do that, and do not put your zone in the DLV. This helps everyone.

If you have a zone already in DLV that could validate properly to the Root, we'd like you to remove it from DLV. For now, these are just requests.

We thank everyone who has participated in this project, and encourage everyone to sign their zones and publish their zones with native DNSSEC!