Status and Error Message Descriptions

We have gathered below each one of the error messages that you might get when using this website, along with the explanation of what it means. If you see a message on your screen and forget to make a note of it, you can find its text here.


Severity: good
Summary: No problems were detected.
No problems were detected.

Pending Check

Severity: pending
Summary: Pending Check by validation process.
This DNSKEY record is waiting to be checked by the registry's validation script.


Severity: pending
Summary: Unconfigured
This zone has no DNSKEY records in our database, and therefore cannot be processed. Add DNSKEY records for the zone to correct this.

Unsupported Algorithm

Severity: pending
Summary: Unsupported Algorithm
The key type of this DNSKEY is not currently supported by the DLV Registry. Currently supported types include RSASHA1, DSA, RSASHA1-NSEC3-SHA1 and DSA-NSEC3-SHA1.

Cookie Missing

Severity: failure
Summary: The authentication TXT record is missing.
In order to have your zone accepted into the DLV registry, you must add the TXT records provided into your zone. All of the servers delegated to by your parent or in your zone's NS records must serve it, and it must be properly signed.

Inconsistent Zone

Severity: failure
Summary: Servers returned inconsistent data.
When comparing the responses from multiple servers, different data was returned. This might indicate a problem with a slave server. This could be a temporary situation if a zone was recently altered.

Key Missing

Severity: failure
Summary: A key was not found in a reply.
When asking a server for DNSKEY records, either none were found or the one we are checking for was not found.

Missing NS RRs

Severity: failure
Summary: NS records not found in parent zone.
When asking this zone's parents for NS records, none were returned. This indicates this zone is not properly delegated.

NS RRs not found

Severity: failure
Summary: NS records not found.
When asking for the NS records for this zone, NXDOMAIN was returned. This does not mean there is an error in your zone, but its parent zone is not delegating it.

Servers Unreachable

Severity: failure
Summary: One or more servers could not be reached.
When checking the status of a domain, one or more servers did not respond or did not respond correctly. If this is the initial check, all servers are requried to respond. For later checks, which simply ensure the DNSKEY is still present, at least one server must respond. Check to make certain the name servers for this zone respond over both TCP and UDP.

Signature Expired

Severity: failure
Summary: All signatures have expired.
DNSSEC signatures have expired. DNSSEC signatures have a starting time and an expiration time. The zone will need to be re-signed periodically to refresh the signatures or they will eventually expire.

Signatures missing

Severity: failure
Summary: A server returned data without signatures.
A server returned records, but they had no associated signatures. This might indicate it lacks DNSSEC support, or it must be enabled.

Unsigned Cookies

Severity: failure
Summary: Authentication Cookies (TXT records) are not signed.
Authentication Cookies (TXT records) are not signed.", :description => "When a DNSKEY is first added to the DLV Registry, TXT records must be added to the zone to ensure that you have the ability to modify the zone. These TXT records must be signed by the proper DNSKEYs. This failure indicates that the TXT records were not signed, or were not signed properly. Ensure that the records are signed by a DNSKEY (ZSK) for the zone.

Validation Failed

Severity: failure
Summary: Signatures failed to cryptographically validate.
The signatures failed to verify per DNSSEC validation rules. A common cause is a change to the data records, but the signatures were not regenerated. Signing the zone again will fix this type of failure. A less common cause is that the signature or data was altered in some malicious way.

General Error

Severity: error
Summary: General Error
An unknown error occurred.

General Failure

Severity: error
Summary: General Failure
An unknown failure occurred.

Internal Error

Severity: error
Summary: Internal Error: Unmapped Status Code
This is an internal error. The status code requested does not exist in the system.